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Preparing Parents for Success, One IEP at a time.

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Did you know that? In addition to being legal members of the IEP team, parents are also the only expert on the child. This IEP training is for you if you want to contribute effectively to your child’s educational planning at your next meeting.

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Oyin is the mother of two special needs children. She has been at the IEP table for more than seven years. She has used her personal journey, education, training, and experience to develop a business solution for parents of Special Needs children. My ID (Invisible Disability) assists parents of children with IEPs to understand their rights and responsibilities while navigating meetings and planning. MY ID is designed for parents new to the IEP table, those who want to improve their base-level knowledge, and those who wish to contribute effectively to their children’s educational planning. Oyin supports parents in knowing their role at the IEP table as the ONLY expert on their child

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